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Probably the greatest success of all my philosophical working is the ideas that is behind the rebound of American and British economy.
The story is like this.
I had teamed up with mr. Barack Obama the 44 president of the United States in his first term. He read Rubicon, and I really felt sympathy for Obama.
The greatest threat to the US at that time, was the flagging economy. The industry of the country had been siphoned by China for some time, and the industrial output and thereby good American jobs were leaving.
The opponent of Barack was the outsourcer Mitt Romney, who had built his whole career no outsourcing good jobs to China.
So we fought to get the jobs back, and invented the strategy; Made in America.
It had a lot of good things in it. First of all, it gave the workers an actual shot at getting a job, but there were multiple layers in the strategy, that went back to an understanding of the theories at the time. At the time Keynesianism was the idea of the liberal as to push the economy. Essentially it was borrowing money and pushing it into the economy.
My reading on that idea was, that it only made a small reprieve, and it pushed the nation into debt.
In the situation, where jobs were shipped overseas, focussing on keeping the jobs we have, and making more jobs made much more sense.
So I did som research into Adam Smith, that is the de facto leading economical philosopher, and proposed the ‘made in America’ strategy.
Money is made by making things and selling these things. So we need to do that.
Since then it has been called Obamanomics, Trumpnomics and Bidennomics.
The thing is, it works, it has stemmed the flow of money flowing out of the West and remade American manufacture.


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