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Absolute privacy offered

I know, that politics is a difficult scene, you need someone you can trust. I offer this trust.

Areas of expertise

To make it in politics, especially high tier, you need knowledge and plan. I offer the following expertise.


Political success is based on a profound understanding of the principles of the society. Being a conservative is based on a set of institutions and principles. We support the king, we support the church and so on.
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How to conduct a political process is relative to the communication in the world. Communication changes all the time. Twenty years ago tv was the centre piece of communication. Today it is social media.
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The implementation of a strategy is always a thing that is spaced out for a long time in terms of political development. It takes time, but a good strategy lives on and work in the society for as long as there is a need for the strategy.
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– Free initial assessment of political situation
– Smaller project of limited time can be tried with little risk
– Absolute confidentiality as pr. written in contract is offered

A case

Probably the greatest success of all my philosophical working is the ideas that is behind the rebound of American and British economy.

The story is like this.

I had teamed up with mr. Barack Obama the 44 president of the United States in his first term. He read Rubicon, and I really felt sympathy for Obama.

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